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Get Cross-Cultural Training - Cultural Intelligence

Get Cross-Cultural Training

Get Cross-Cultural Training


Cross cultural training comes in many shapes and sizes, but I think the best training is practical, hands-on and personalized.

Cross cultural training should be useful. It should change your life and transform your travels, life and work at home and abroad. It should make it easier to live and work with people who are different from you in any way: who think differently, believe differently and act differently.

Cross cultural training will clearly show you where other people are starting from, their beliefs, values, the rules of their game and how they see the world.

How does cross cultural training work?

The best training gives you short, dynamic presentations followed by practical exercises, simulations and activities designed to explore:

  • Culture – what it is and how it works
  • The Social Game – how rules change from culture to culture
  • Culture Shock – what it is, how it feels, what to do
  • Our culture – how others see us
  • Other cultures – how to really see “them”
  • Relationships – how to live together
  • Teams – how to work together
  • Peace – how to bridge gaps and build trust


What are the benefits of cross-cultural training?

  • Reduce costs, risks, misunderstandings, failures, losses…
  • Increase cooperation, teamwork, profits, love, joy, peace…
  • Enjoy working and living with difference!